Simple Remote Code Execution Vulnerability Examples for Beginners

#Example 1 — Unrestricted File Upload 1

Uploading the webshell file with ../ attack
Path traversal fuzz list from Burp Payloads
Configuring the file name from Payload Processing -> Match/Replace rule
Accessing the shell from root directory afterwards

#Example 2— Unrestricted File Upload 2

Uploading asp shell to the server

#Example 3— Known RCE Exploitation

Running the msf module for vulnerable host
The second step of exploitation on the exploit code
  • system command from php for running OS command.
  • whoami os command for returning the result.
Manual base64 decode of the payload
Whoami command output

#Example 4 — Application Level Command Injection

Expression creation page
Injection Java Code to the custom expressions
A case which is created within the malicious expression returned “nt authority/system” from the Java code

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Independent Bug Bounty Hunter & Offensive Security Consultant

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Ozgur Alp

Ozgur Alp

Independent Bug Bounty Hunter & Offensive Security Consultant

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